The first casualty when war comes is truth

The first casualty when war comes is truth

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My sister isn't like other girls. She actually has a cock in addition to what a girl normally has. Allison is, dare I say very sexy. 5'10, fit, beautiful jet black hair, beautiful blue eyes that sparkled like sapphires in the right light, big breasts, a nice ass and basically any guy would kill to have her as a girlfriend or wife but there was always a concern with the "extras" She never had a boyfriend in high school despite being one of the hottest if not the hottest girl there, but because of her "extra feature" she never pursued any boys or take up on any of their advances usually saying she had a boyfriend that lived in another state. Admittedly I used to (and still somewhat today now that she's back in my life again) have an attraction to her During the summer after her first year of college and she came home, I accidentally walked in on her completely naked in her room forgetting to knock before entering, I saw her entire naked body, her ass before she turned around to get the pillow off her bed to throw at me for entering her room, her big breasts when she turned towards me to throw the pillow, and just before the pillow hit me in the face, I saw her cock but only for a few milliseconds before the pillow hit me in the face. The whole experience was only about 3 seconds it seemed but it was enough to where I wanted to see more.

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